Sailing in Karistos, Greece offers a unique and unforgettable experience. With its crystal clear waters, stunning coastline, and warm Mediterranean climate, Karistos is a paradise for sailing enthusiasts. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sailor, you'll find plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful islands, secluded coves, and charming fishing villages along the coast. The area is also known for its rich history and cultural heritage, adding an extra layer of depth to your sailing adventure.

  • Crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling
  • Breathtaking coastline with rugged cliffs and hidden caves
  • Numerous islands to visit, each with its own unique charm
  • Opportunity to anchor in secluded coves and enjoy peaceful surroundings
  • Chance to spot dolphins and other marine wildlife
  • Explore ancient ruins and archaeological sites along the coast
  • Taste delicious Greek cuisine in charming fishing villages
  • Experience the vibrant local culture and hospitality
  • Enjoy water sports activities such as paddleboarding and windsurfing
  • Stunning sunsets over the Aegean Sea
JanuaryMild and occasional rain showers12C53mm60%5 hours10 knots
FebruaryCool and mostly sunny14C36mm40%6 hours9 knots
MarchMild and occasional rain showers16C56mm50%7 hours8 knots
AprilWarm and sunny20C22mm20%8 hours7 knots
MayWarm and mostly sunny25C15mm10%9 hours6 knots
JuneHot and sunny30C5mm5%11 hours5 knots
JulyHot and mostly sunny33C2mm5%12 hours4 knots
AugustHot and mostly sunny34C3mm5%12 hours4 knots
SeptemberWarm and mostly sunny28C10mm10%9 hours6 knots
OctoberMild and occasional rain showers24C27mm30%7 hours7 knots
NovemberCool and mostly sunny18C41mm50%6 hours9 knots
DecemberMild and occasional rain showers14C55mm60%5 hours10 knots