Yacht charters in Ukraine

Sailing in Ukraine offers a unique and diverse experience. From the beautiful Black Sea coastline to the picturesque rivers and lakes, there are plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy the waterways in this stunning destination. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, Ukraine offers a truly memorable sailing experience.

  • Ukraine boasts a stunning coastline along the Black Sea, with crystal clear waters and sandy beaches.
  • The country is home to several beautiful islands such as Zmeinyi Island and Tendra Spit, providing picturesque sailing destinations.
  • Sailing in Ukraine allows you to discover hidden gems like the stunning Dnieper River or the serene Lake Svitiaz, perfect for nature lovers.
  • The Ukrainian coastline offers incredible opportunities for diving and snorkeling, with a vibrant underwater ecosystem to explore.
  • Sailors can enjoy a combination of calm, tranquil waters and open sea sailing experiences along the coast.
  • Ukraine offers a rich cultural experience, with opportunities to explore historical sites and vibrant coastal towns along your sailing journey.
  • Sailing in Ukraine is relatively affordable compared to other popular sailing destinations.
  • The warm and friendly locals make for a welcoming sailing experience, ensuring a pleasant journey.
  • Ukraine experiences various sailing events, regattas, and festivals throughout the year, providing additional entertainment and excitement for sailors.
  • The country's unique blend of landscapes, including mountains, forests, and waterways, make sailing in Ukraine a truly diverse experience.
JanuaryCold and snowy-5C45mm50%2 hours14 knots
FebruaryCold with occasional snow showers-3C40mm40%3 hours12 knots
MarchCool and windy2C35mm30%4 hours10 knots
AprilMild and occasional rain showers10C35mm40%6 hours8 knots
MayMild and sunny18C30mm30%8 hours6 knots
JuneWarm and occasional thunderstorms24C45mm50%10 hours6 knots
JulyHot and humid28C50mm60%10 hours4 knots
AugustHot and occasionally stormy27C55mm60%9 hours5 knots
SeptemberWarm and occasional rain showers20C40mm40%7 hours6 knots
OctoberCool and cloudy12C35mm30%5 hours8 knots
NovemberCold and occasional snow showers3C40mm40%3 hours12 knots
DecemberCold and snowy-1C45mm50%2 hours14 knots